Monday, June 9, 2008

Early bird runs away with the spoon on first day of summer reading program

Nearly 200 children registered for the Library's summer reading program on June 9, the first official sign-up day. The first clue in the citywide treasure hunt for a wooden spoon was also announced: So where did the dish and the spoon run? They ran to the town of Cloquet. Wanting to play, they went to a park and there they are hiding away. One clue was the charm this year when Lilley Minock (8 years old) and her mom (pictured above)went looking for the spoon. They decided to go to the park at Churchill School and look around--a good choice! Lilley wins 100 dollars in Chamber bucks.

The Treasure Hunt was co-sponsored by the Library and Cloquet Community Education. Congratulations, Lilley! Lilley also picked up a fortune cookie at the Library that afternoon. Her fortune read: You have the attitude of a winner. Indeed, she does. Children can continue to register for the Library's Reading Challenge all summer long. Drop by the library and look what's cookin' today.

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