Monday, March 18, 2013


The Duluth Playhouse will bring its production of Ellie the Elephant to the Cloquet Public Library at 10 a.m., Sat., April 6. The program is free of charge and open to the public.
The show is an original adaptation of the fable of the elephant and the blind men written by Sarah Ruth Diener of the Duluth Playhouse. Geared for preschoolers through the third grade, the play introduces the Silly Shades Brigade, the coolest gang in town, who travel the world in their signature stylish sunglasses, exploring new things using all their senses except sight.
When they meet Ellie, they have a problem agreeing on what kind of creature she is. For example, how can an animal have a nose like a long spout, a tail like a wire brush, skin like old leather, and big floppy ears all at the same time? Will they ever be able to take off their shades and see Ellie for who she really is?
This event is sponsored by the Arrowhead Library System and funded by money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. To learn more about other Arrowhead Legacy Events, please see our calendar at Find us on facebook at “Arrowhead Legacy Events” or on Twitter @ArrowheadLegacy.

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