Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sailing the Great Lakes

A few years ago, Katya and Mark Gordon sold most of their belongings, gave away their car, and bought a boat. The experience was "freeing and empowering," Katya said in a recent interview with a local television station. The couple, who previously worked with youth wilderness programs, set sail on the Great Lakes with their two daughters, aged nine months and three years. They have since sailed the Great Lakes to the Atlantic coast and down to the Bahamas. "Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids" is Katya's recent book about their adventures and the life experience they gained along the way. Lacey Louwagie, an editor for NorthStar Press of St. Cloud, writes on her blog that the book is "one of my favorite pieces that I've ever worked on," describing how the book impacted her own life. Katya Gordon will present a slide show and talk about their seafaring journeys on Tuesday, May 22, at noon.

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