Friday, November 6, 2009

Lonely Doll Finds a Home

Audrey L. of Cloquet won the essay competition which asked the question,"Why would you be the perfect friend for Edith the Lonely Doll?" As the winner, Audrey was able to take the Lonely Doll and her friend Mr. Bear home. Congratulations, Audrey. Her essay is printed here.

I think I would be perfect for Edith because I would be very responsible and take very good care of her. And if she is broken, I promise to give her the best doll doctor. And if I take her home, I will promise to do the following: I will never, ever, in a billion years, let her get dirty. I will take just as much care as if she was a real baby and just as much value. I will play with her every day and pass her down for generations and generations. And before I give her to the next generation, I will have them say a pledge.

The dolls that I have are Tim, Audreyana, five Raggedy Anns, Elaine, James, Harry, and 24 Barbie and Ken dolls. For Mr. Bear, I have Patty, Squeaky, Elle, Sammy, Purple Bear, Brown Eyes, Glitters, Tuffy, Scruffy, Dart, Bill, Trevor, Penny, George, El Tigre, Francis, Lindsey, Crystal, Crush, Angie, Underdog, Blossom, and Jack. I am funny and understanding. Even if I don’t win, it’s good that she isn’t lonely anymore.

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