Monday, December 15, 2008

Little child, where are you?

The Cloquet Public Library is looking for a child who attended Sámi performer Asfrid Karlsen’s program on July 23, 2008, at the Library. A native of Norway, Karlsen spoke on her Sámi heritage as part of the Library’s summer reading program for children. During the presentation, Karlsen gave away small mementoes from her homeland to both children and adults in the audience.

Unfortunately, Karlsen was short one giveaway and one child did not receive a present. It’s been nearly half a year since the program, but Karlsen still thinks about that child who left her program without a prize. As a holiday gesture, she has sent a gift to the Library to be passed on to the child.

“Because we do not have a name for the child who did not receive a souvenir gift from Lapland,” says Library Director Mary Lukkarila, “we are hoping the child, a friend of the child’s, or the parents will see this article and contact us. It will make for a lovely holiday surprise for the child and bring joy to Asfrid’s holiday season by knowing her small friend finally received a gift from her.”

Anyone who may have information regarding the identity of this child can call the Library at 879-1531. Thank you for your help in providing this special holiday request from the Cloquet Public Library’s Sámi friend Asfrid Karlsen.

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