Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ally's Mission: Help Darfur Now

Help Darfur Now is a non-profit organization founded by three high school students whose mission is to raise awareness of and funds for the victims of the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. Since its inception in 2005, HDN has grown to include more than 250 nationwide chapters involving thousands of students. Ally Dahl, a senior at Cloquet High School and an employee of the Cloquet Public Library, has become one of these students. She recently hosted a program at the library and showed the film, Darfur Now. Dahl plans to continue showing the film, increasing public knowledge and raising funds to help the refugees of Darfur. Cloquet Public Library is proud to have Ally Dahl on board, enthusiastically supporting her efforts to think globally and act locally. For more information on her project, contact Ally.

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Keegsquaw said...

Good job, Ally!!!! Keep it up! I love you!