Thursday, January 3, 2008

Playaway collection donated by Friends of the Library

Thanks to the Friends of the Library, the Cloquet Public Library now has a starter collection of Playaways.
What is a Playaway?
A Playaway comes pre-loaded with great digital content, so it does not require information transfer fees, subscriptions, memberships, or even an Internet connection. Just plug-in your headphones and listen wherever you go. No other equipment is necessary. Playaway is the only format of audiobook that does not require a separate player, so it comes ready-to-listen, without the need for a certain type of player or advanced technical know-how. Additionally, Playaway allows the listener to control the speed of the narrator's voice and automatically remembers where you left off when you power down.
We invite you to come and try this format of audiobook.
The starter collection provided by the Friends of the Library includes the following books:
The Lincoln Lawyer, Beach Road, Life of Pi, Rapid Spanish, Become a Better You, Playing for Pizza, Bridge to Terabithia, Eragon, and Water for Elephants.

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