Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lines from Lissie, Children's Librarian

I just completed my visits to Cloquet Schools, talking about the summer reading challenge and activities with Community Education reps Bobbee and Linnea. This year the library is joining forces with Community Ed bringing a bigger and better selection of programs and fun activities throughout the summer. Information will be sent home with students, but you can always drop by the library and pick up a “Go Bananas” brochure to learn the fine details. One change on the brochure—some of you may have a corrected version already—is the Monday afternoon program on July 23. We were able to book a wonderful team of storytellers for this day. They’re called the WonderWeavers. They are stylizing their show to fit our “Go Bananas” theme. A special thanks to the Arrowhead Library System for arranging the program. The WonderWeavers join an all-star lineup of performers already scheduled for Monday afternoons, including magician Norm Barnhart, storyteller Carol Beckstrom, and musician Robi Meyerson.

We’re just wild about Harry this summer, too. The seventh book in the series will be on our shelves July 23. To celebrate, we are having a pre-book release party at 3 p.m., Thurs., July 19. Come as your favorite character in the Potter books and win a prize. We’ll have treats, a mini scavenger hunt in the library, a book trivia contest, and a Botts Beans Tasting Competition. Plenty of prizes—even a Sorting Hat that’s truly cool.
Come in and check out our new Rainforest display. Count the number of bananas you find in the display, and name as many of the animals as you can find and be eligible for a weekly drawing. Winners will receive prizes straight from the rainforest.
Look for our Where's Gladys?, the gorilla, at the library. I'll be hiding the purple gorilla in a new place the library each week. Find her each week and get a punch on your Gladys card. A drawing of cards at the end of the summer will select one winner who gets to take Gladys home.
A little birdie tells us that Steven Speilberg’s upcoming project following Indiana Jones IV is set to be an adaptation of the comic book series Tintin by HergĂ©. The films will be motion-captured 3D (like The Polar Express), because, according to Spielberg, "We want Tintin's adventures to have the reality of a live-action film, and yet Peter (Jackson) and I felt that shooting them in a traditional live-action format would simply not honor the distinctive look of the characters and world that HergĂ© created." Tintin will follow three adventures of a young journalist who follows stories and solves mysteries, with the help of his white dog and some other colorful characters. If all goes well, the project will begin in 2008. As many of you know, the Tintin books are a popular checkout item in the Juvenile Fiction section. The collection we have is so worn that I’ve ordered a brand-new set, along with some new titles. Look for them this summer at the library. More news later….Read on!

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